Prospects and Appeals

The prospects for St. Albert the Great Seminary are very bright. The serenity of the environment, the structures in place, together with the topography of the location which affords one a breath-taking view of the surrounding rolling hills promise to offer an excellently conducive atmosphere for formation. The academic programme that has been developed is comprehensive and robust. Of no less importance are the character traits of the team of formators and the disposition of the adjunct staff that we have selected. Collectively, they bring on board values and sensitivities that, no doubt, impact positively on the seminarians.

Pursuing the vision of restoring all things in Christ by seeking to build into each candidate a genuine desire to be true salt of the earth and light of the world, St. Albert Major Seminary has the prospects of making a significant contribution to the very desirable new impetus in the process of the formation of priests who will truly be alteri Christi. The community based formation that hopes to engender a deep and genuine spirit of being one’s brother’s keeper will, hopefully, produce a generation of priests who are deeply respectful of others through an appreciation of the intrinsic value of their personhood; sensitive of their needs - particularly of their hunger for the true knowledge of the love and mercy of God; knowledgeable in both sacred and secular sciences; able to deploy the modern tools of communication in the proclamation of the Good News; and generally faithful to the obligations of their calling.

Through the grace of the Archbishop, the Clergy and People of the Archdiocese of Lagos, the means to achieving the lofty goals set out have largely been put in place. We therefore acknowledge, with profound sentiments of joy and gratitude, the projects that have been completed and those nearing completion at St. Albert the Great Seminary. However, some critical elements still remain outstanding. Principal among these include a central chapel, the provision of adequate means of transportation for seminarians and staff, the perimeter fencing, construction of sports facilities, the design and construction of an erosion control system, construction of internal service roads, and the construction of five more hostel blocks. The necessity of each of the items listed here cannot be overemphasised. We therefore, earnestly appeal to all men and women of good-will: dioceses, parishes, pious associations, corporate groups, families and individual persons to partner with the seminary to ensure the completion of the remaining important facilities and the provision of the identified items. It is true that it is not enough to just put up beautiful facilities and write up excellent programmes. Such programmes must, of necessity, be fully implemented in a sustainable manner, and facilities properly maintained if the desired goals are to be attained.