The Seminary held her Maiden Departmental Lecture on Thursday 4th of April, 2019 with the Topic Marxism, Capitalism and Unionism in Nascent Nigeria: A Constructive and Destructive Dilemma, which was delivered by the H.O.D Philosophy Department of University of Benin, Benin-City, Associate Professor Anthony Asekhauno.

In his presentation, he explained that humanity is faced with individualism, injustice and corruption yet forty percent of the world’s nation still apply the tenets of Marxism in one way or the other. He went further to explain that it is the ideas of Marxism that have led to the development of unions and labour movements with the aim of achieving Marxist goals in order to counter capitalism, but instead have become a subtle propagation of capitalist agenda. He applied this to the Nigeria situation using fundamental inconsistencies embedded in the constitution of Academic Staff Union of Universities as a case study and at the same time exposing the ills of the association.

Several questions were raised by the Formators, students and even members of the team from the University after the paper was presented and they were all given due attention. The lecture was indeed insightful as it offered all who were in attendance new perspective to pertinent issues.