BE MEN OF YOUR TIME!  Fr. Emmanuel Lewis Challenges SAGS Formators and Seminarians.

By: Eze Christian

Very Rev Fr. Emmanuel Lewis, during the 2022/2023 commencement lecture held immediately after the inaugural Mass on Wednesday 5th October, 2022, challenged Formators and Seminarians of the Seminary Community to be men of their time. He said this using the life of St. Ambrose of Milan as a paradigm.

In giving a critical exposition of the life of the saint, Fr Emmanuel Lewis noted that St. Ambrose of Milan was though influential in his society, was nevertheless a man of prayer, open to learning and an ardent student of the scriptures. Furthermore, he was pastorally and politically involved in what was going on in his own time. “St. Ambrose participated and knew his time”, said Fr. Lewis. Hence, “as Priests and Seminarians, you must not isolate yourself from what is going on in your time but like Ambrose of Milan, be a man of your time”.