FACE AND ACCEPT  FORMATION: Bishop Odetoyinbo Challenges SAGS Seminarians

Reported By: Oshunsanya Paul

The 2021/2022 Academic- Formative Session of St. Albert the Great Major Seminary kicked off officially with the Mass of the Holy Spirit on Thursday 7th October, 2021 with Most Rev. Peter Odetoyinbo, the Bishop of Abeokuta Diocese cum Chairman Governing Council of the Seminary as the presiding Bishop. During the homily, the Bishop expressed his condolence over the loss of two of our seminarians within the first seven years of the seminary's operation. Speaking on behalf of the Bishops of the region, he assured the seminary community of the Bishops' support and prayers and enjoined the Seminary community not to lose hope. Speaking on the liturgy of the day, His Lordship highlighted the necessity of invoking the Holy Spirit to direct the affairs of the seminary during the new session and charged the seminarians to face formation squarely and accept what formation brings. He said: “I charge you as a Bishop to face and accept formation within the confines, conditions, and circumstances of St. Albert the Great Major Seminary. Be formed to be strong and perfect priests so that you may stand for Christ and His Church as true ministers.” The Bishop concluded his homily with a note of gratitude to the staff of the Seminary for accepting to work and join in the formation of the Seminarians. He charged them to be open to the direction of the Holy Spirit so that they may discharge their duties appropriately.